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Use your Medisave at Polygems Dental Care, a Ministry of Health accredited Day Surgery Facility.

Dental treatments are generally not claimable under MediSave cheme unless the treatment involves surgery and is performed due to medical reasons. Non-surgical dental treatments such as extractions, crowning, dentures or braces are not MediSave-claimable.

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What is Medisave?

MediSave is a national medical savings scheme that helps individuals set aside part of their income to pay for their personal or approved dependents’ hospitalisation, day surgery and certain outpatient expenses, as well as their healthcare needs in old age.

MediSave withdrawal limits have been carefully set to ensure that Singaporeans have sufficient savings in their MediSave Account for their basic healthcare needs in old age. The withdrawal limits are generally adequate to cover most of the charges incurred at subsidised inpatient wards and outpatient treatments.

Who is Eligible?

You can use your MediSave for yourself or your family members. This includes your spouse, children, parents, grandparents, or siblings.

They can be of any nationality, except for grandparents and siblings, who must be Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents.

MediSave Claimable Dental Procedures

When undergoing a Medisave claimable dental surgery, you can opt to pay a partial cost. After deciding to proceed with the treatment, please inform the dental clinic that you would like to claim from a Medisave account. We will prepare a Medical Claims Authorisation Form (MCAF) for you or the account holder to sign before the surgery. For this, you would need to show the NRIC of the account holder for verification purposes.

To show us that you have sufficient balance in the account, you may either log in to the CPF portal or alternatively, you can print out a physical copy of the summary balance page.

After that, we will submit the Medisave claim on the portal and the following amount will be deducted from your Medisave account. You will also receive a Medisave Claims Statement after the payment has been processed.

For patients with sufficient balance:

You are only required to top-up the difference between the total amount for surigical procedures and your Medisave claimable amount. For this option, there must be sufficient funds in your Medisave account for the claim to be successful.

Here are the most common procedures that are medisave claimable:

How to claim MediSave for Dental Treatments and Procedure

Step 1: During the booking of your appointment, our receptionist will advise you on whether the treatment is MediSave Claimable.

Step 2: On day of appointment, please bring along your NRIC for verification reasons and our receptionist will hand you a Medical Claims Authorisation Form (MCAF).

Step 3: To verify that you have sufficient balance you can either log into your CPF portal or bring a physical copy of your CPF summary balance page.

Step 4: Once everything has been verified, we will submit the MediSave claim on the portal and the amount will be deducted from your account. You will also receive a MediSave Claims Statement after the payment has been processed.

Dental Procedures that are not MediSave-claimable

According to CPF, dental procedures that are non surgical or cosmetic/aesthetic in nature are not MediSave-claimable.

Here are some examples of non MediSave-claimable procedures:

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