Dr. Chua Jin Ting’s Professional Dental Clinic

Operated by our Clinical Director, Dr. Chua Jin Ting with Dental Clinics in Yishun and Sengkang.
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Dental Clinic in Singapore run by a Local Trained Dental Surgeon, with a degree obtained from National University of Singapore (NUS), Faculty of Dentistry, Caring For You & Your Smile!

Welcome to Dr. Chua Jin Ting’s professional dental clinic providing a myriad of high quality dental solutions to help you maintain optimal dental health and keep a smile on your face! Dr. Chua Jin Ting is a professional, local graduated dental surgeon, with a degree obtained from National University of Singapore (NUS), Faculty of Dentistry. With his experience and the excellence of the entire clinical team, you can receive the quality and affordable dental care solutions with us!

Dr. Chua Jin Ting established his dental clinic with two main purposes: 1) to offer the best of dental care and 2) to honor his teachers, mentors, and benefactors without whom his success as a dental surgeon would not have been possible. Being raised in a low income, single parent family, Dr. Chua Jin Ting faced a lot of financial struggles in his life. He started working part time from the age of 13 to help the household but never lost focus of his dream of becoming a dental surgeon. He worked and studied hard, managing to become the top student for his N and O Levels. He was very active in social community work and obtained National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) bronze, silver and gold awards.

After this, Dr Chua Jin Ting enrolled into Singapore Polytechnic, Biomedical Science. He graduated as a top student obtained Diploma with Merit. He was awarded Lee Kuan Yew Scholarship and Singapore Polytechnic Alumni Scholarship. He became the first Polytechnic student who enrolled into National University of Singapore, Dentistry where he was trained to become a qualified dental surgeon.

He graduated with full registration and as a Dental Surgeon in Singapore and prize winner of the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Prize from National University of Singapore (NUS), Faculty of Dentistry.

Even after obtaining his full registration, he never gave up on developing and perfecting his ability. He attended many local and foreign training courses which enabled him to provide the best of dental care that is comprehensive, reliable, and professional. Dr. Chua Jin Ting is currently the clinical director of Polygems (PG) Dental Care and operates his clinical practice alongside. He treats his patients with a level of professionalism that puts a smile on their faces. If you are looking for comprehensive and practical dental solutions, you have come to the right clinic!

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We have dental clinics in Yishun and Sengkang. We are conveniently located at heartland locations - Yishun, Chomp Pang & Seng Kang, Fernvale.
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