Pre Braces & Invisalign Assessment @ $140 nett

Get a X-Ray and a consultation with our experienced dentist before you commit to getting Braces or Invisalign.

What does our Pre Braces & Invisalign Assessment include?

  1. Dentist Consultation

    Meet with our dentist, Dr. Chua Jin Ting, who is the clinical director of Polygems Dental Care. You can take this opportunity to find out more about the the entire teeth alignment process as well as clarify any issues you may have regarding braces or Invisalign. The teeth aligner process will be a lengthy process which requires you to meet with Dr. Chua multiple times. Take this time to find out more about him so you can feel at ease and trust him during the teeth alignment process.
  2. Orthodontic Assessment

    Dr. Chua Jin Ting will then proceed to do a visual assessment of the current condition of your teeth and facial structure. This may include and not limited to the health of your teeth, bite alignment, gum health and bone health. These assessments will help Dr. Chua determine your suitability for Braces or Invisalign. Every set of teeth is different and this will allow Dr. Chua to cater a set of teeth alignment solution specifically to your needs.
  3. X-Rays

    Our team at Polygems Dental Care will then proceed to take an X-Ray of your teeth which will be analysed by Dr. Chua. He will then use this information to further cater the right steps for your teeth alignment. This can be done in-house at our dental clincs in Yishun & Sengkang so there will be no additional inconvenience added to your teeth alignment journey.|
  4. Final Consultation & Go Ahead

    Dr. Chua will give you a detailed explanation and brief of your teeth alignment journey with Polygems Dental Care going forward. This will include his recommendation on your suitability for Braces or Invisalign, the risk and benefits for either teeth alignment options as well as payment plans. During this time, it would be best to clarify any final doubts you have before the initiation of the procedure.

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